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Map of some jobs YEC have done or been approved for from 2011-2019


Location: Ashton, Nebraska

Year: 2018

Details: 70,000 Square Yards of Double Net Straw

Completed in 5 days

Location: Oliver County, North Dakota

Year: 2016

Details: 70,000 SY of Straw Blanket 

Completed in 8 days


Location: Outside Miles City, Montana

Year: 2019

Details: 12,000 SY of Compost, Seed and Erosion Control Blanket

Completed in 5 days

Location: Mandaree, North Dakota 

Year: 2017

Details: 142,000 SY of Erosion Control Blanket

Completed in 20 days


Location: Williston, North Dakota 

Year: 2018

Details: 369,000 SY of Erosion Control Blanket

Completed in 25 working days 

Location: Ward County, North Dakota

Year: 2017

Details: 65,000 SY Straw Blanket

Completed in 5 days 


Location: Lightning Butte, Wyoming

Year: 2018

Details: 70,000 SY Straw Coconut Blanket

Completed in 5 days  

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